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The Leadership Development Team

The Leadership Development Team (LDT) consists of 4 elected members and is charged with:

  1. Identifying potential leaders from within the congregation.
  2. Encouraging attendance at UU leadership training opportunities.
  3. Preparing a slate of candidates for open positions for the annual congregational election. These include positions on the Board of Trustees (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, or Member-At-Large), Leadership Development Team, and Conflict Resolution Committee.

The successful functioning of Emerson depends upon a dedicated and diverse group of leaders, both elected and non-elected. Our church thrives when we provide our leaders with opportunities to harness their passions and sharpen their leadership skills. It is our mission to identify and nurture the breadth and depth of leadership required to build and sustain Emerson’s beloved community. Please contact a member of the LDT if you are interested in becoming involved in a leadership role at Emerson.