Membership & Hospitality

Membership & Hospitality Committee

Emerson has had 126 visitors and added 38 new members this year (2009). On average, there are about five visitors each Sunday. Each visitor is sure to be greeted by committee chair, Millie Fuller. And each returning member is sure to hear a heartfelt, “I’m so glad that you’re here” from Millie! And we’re glad to be here too!

Committee Tasks

  • To welcome newcomers and help them get acquainted with Emerson.
    Since Aug. 2008 we have had 135 visitors. We keep track of all of our visitors on a data base and correspond with them on regular basis. We send them a welcome note and notify them of events that they might be interested in attending. We also share pertinent information from our data base with other committees.

  • To plan programs of orientation for those who wish to become an Emerson member.
    Our orientation program is called “Pathways to Membership”. We have Pathway groups three times a year with an average of 12 participants in each session.

  • To maintain contact with those whose participation may be waning.
    In a small congregation, if you do not come to a service or an activity, you are missed. We write or call members who appear to be slipping away to let them know they are missed.

  • To arrange and organize social activities when the whole congregation is involved.
    The social activities include Potlucks (every first Sunday of the month), receptions after memorial Services, Christmas Eve Soup Supper, Easter Brunch, and Circle Dinners (once a month).

Every member of the Emerson Community is a member of the Membership Committee. We all work together to help visitors feel welcome and to joyfully accept new members into our Beloved Community.


If you have an questions for the Membership and Hospitality committee, please contact Millie Fuller.