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On Being a Member or Friend of the Emerson Community

Emerson provides a strong compass for those who value compassion, social and environmental justice, and a meaningful life.  We search for greater awareness of the world around us and the world inside ourselves.   Our beloved community is a safe place to raise our families, explore ideas, imagine and pursue a better world, lovingly challenge one another, and to learn to live according to our values and Unitarian Universalist principles.   Lives change through Emerson.

The founders of Emerson and those who have joined since had the vision and commitment to create the Emerson we have today.   We have been honored and entrusted by those who came before us to invest our time, talent, and treasure in a way and to a degree that allows Emerson to continue to thrive while we are part of this beloved community.

Learning to give generously and joyfully is part of our spiritual journey.   Living the Unitarian Universalist principles changes us.  Please give as generously as you can. Both the need and opportunity are huge. Contribute at a level that reflects your values and changes your life for the better.

Without past pledged financial support from all members and friends, Emerson’s amazing programs, talented and dedicated staff, and our beautiful gathering space would not have reached their level of excellence.

Through our stewardship, Emerson is able to be that vibrant source of peace, hope, and healing.   In many respects, we often do not directly know the full impact our contribution to Emerson has on the lives around us.   Your fellow Emersonians need you and need your financial support.  By making a generous financial commitment, we allow Emerson to be discovered by people we do not yet know who will walk into our midst to find an oasis, a welcoming beloved community, a place where they have always belonged buy only now are finding.

The gift of a vibrant, strong, growing Emerson is a meaningful gift, indeed.

The Stewardship Campaign

Our Fiscal Year reflects our programming year, which coincides with the normal school year.   We are currently in our Fiscal Year 2017 which ends June 30.  If you would like to make a pledge of financial support for the remainder for the CURRENT fiscal year, please complete our FY2017 PLEDGE FORM and email it to our Stewardship Chair.  You may also place the form in the collection basket during any Sunday service.

Our next stewardship campaign will occur in March of 2017.  Emersonians will pledge financial support for Fiscal Year 2018 which begins July 1st, 2017.  Members and friends of Emerson will pledge their commitment as part of the Sunday service on March 5th.  Please mark your calendars.  Contact the stewardship chair for information and materials.

2017 Pledge Card