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The Sunday Services Committee

The Sunday Services Committee plans Worship Services when the minister will not be in the pulpit. It provides an opportunity for an expression of community creativity through lay led services. The committee currently plans approximately 16 services per year. Lay led worship services have ranged from inviting visiting ministers and speakers to creating a complete service from community interests. The Sunday Services Committee plans one worship service a month from August through May including the 5th Sunday and all the services through June and July. The committee consists of nine members including the minister. A mixture of Emerson lay leaders such as Kathy Mittelman, Margery Macey and professional speakers such as Dr. Edward Frost (UUCA, Minister Emeritus) and Duncan Teague (Candler School of Theology) have recently spoken at Emerson. A member of the Sunday Service Committee coordinates with the speaker on the topic and structure of the services and facilitates the service.

The Sunday Services Committee meets once a month and plans for several months ahead. The committee is mindful of the sacred and spiritual atmosphere created by the minister and plans with this in mind.


If you have any questions or comments, please contact Scott H'Doubler.