Religious Education

Nursery & Young Toddler Care Tips

Nursery care is provided by experienced, loving caregivers for infants and children up to age. Potty-trained children who are between 3 and 4 years old by August 1st are eligible to graduate up to our young children’s RE class called “Chalice Sparks” when the fall school year RE program year begins.

Be sure to visit our nursery before the 9:45 a.m. Sunday service to meet Christine Corneilson our adult nursery care professional. Christine is a trained educator who is highly gifted in working with children. Christine is a parent of two elementary age children and has worked as a childcare provider in both day care and home settings. Her warm and engaging personality provide many visiting children the reassurance that they need. Each Sunday one adult volunteer assists Christine in the nursery.


Family TIPS for Nursery & Young Toddler Care :

  1. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early before 9:45 a.m. Sunday Worship to sign your child into nursery care and get them settled in.
  2. Please feed your child(ren) breakfast before arriving to church. Due to our Safety Guidelines & attention to Adult to Child ratios in the Nursery, we are not able to supervise feeding children & do not serve snacks while in 1st Hour Nursery. During 2nd Hour RE for All Ages time, we do serve a healthy snack with water to drink. It is important to advise our caregivers of any allergies your child has.  Please speak to our Lead Caregiver to make arrangements for you to come back to the nursery to feed young babies.  Comfortable glider seating is available for nursing or bottle feeding parents.
  3. Bring a diaper bag with special items like pacifiers, cloth diapers if you use them, extra disposable diapers, and a spare change of clothing in case of “accidents”. The diaper bag cubbies are just inside the Nursery room near the diaper changing table. Make sure your child’s diaper bag has their name on it.
  4. During sign-in, please list a cell phone number, if you have one available. Place your cell phone on the “meeting setting” or vibrate. If there are any concerns about your child’s well being, our staff will call you during worship. Our Director of Religious Education (DRE) also has a cell phone. She can be paged by Nursery Care Givers to alert parent's that little one’s are having difficulties as needed. If paged, simply exit the sanctuary to answer your phone and the Nursery Care Giver will share the information with you.
  5. Our rule in all children’s and youth programming is SAFETY FIRST! We cannot allow children with fevers, nasal discharge, repeated coughing, vomiting or diarrhea to be cared for in the Nursery or children's programming. If your child has any of these symptoms while in Nursery Care, we will page you. Thank you for your understanding in matters of health and well-being of our little ones.
  6. You may want to bring a marked cup if your child requires it to drink water.