Religious Education

Youth RE Classes and Curriculum

The Emerson UU Religious Education program teaches our children and youth the 7 Unitarian Universalist principles using the colors of the rainbow.

The UU Rainbow Principles:

  • Respect all people
  • Offer fair and Kind treatment to all
  • Yearn to learn throughout life
  • Grow by exploring responsibly
  • Believe in our ideas and act on them
  • Insist on peace, freedom, and justice for everyone
  • Value our interdependence with nature

Religious Education Classes by Age

Chalice Sparks

(3 and 4 y.o.)

The "Chalice Sparks" are an active and curious group who are engaged every Sunday by Ms. Audrey and Ms. Eva.  Ms. Audrey is a trained, experienced teacher, who leads the students in a circle time activity folllowed by an activity. Ms. Eva is the Chalice Sparks assistant teacher and is also a trained teacher.

Audrey  Eva

Ms. Audrey and Ms. Eva

Chalice Kids Class


(Kindergarten and 1st Grades)

The Chalice Kids class is a fun and active group led by Ms. Gillian, Mr. Chris and Ms. Marlee. 

Seekers Class


(2nd-4th Grades)

Students in our 2nd-4th grade group love to keep on the move! Led by Michelle Jokay, Cindy Kuegeman and a team of teaching assistants. 

Multi-Age Class


(5th–9th Grades)

The Multi-Age Class is led by Ms. Millie, Ms. Kathryn and Ms. Rani. 

Senior High Youth


(10th–12th Grades)

The Senior High class this year is led by Scott H'Doubler, MaryBeth Manning and Trin Moore. The class is utilizing Our Whole Lives (OWL) curriclum for the year. For more information, see the OWL page.