Religious Education

Youth RE Participant Guidelines

All adults and students agree to foster an atmosphere of respect and learning by living by seven Rainbow principles:

  • Respect all people
  • Offer fair and Kind treatment to all
  • Yearn to learn throughout life
  • Grow by exploring responsibly
  • Believe in our ideas and act on them
  • Insist on peace, freedom, and justice for everyone
  • Value our interdependence with nature

We come to Sunday School with an open mind, ready to learn;
We take turns speaking and make sure everyone has a chance to be heard;
We work and play as a team;
We care for our classroom, our supplies, and the grounds.

Inside our RE Classrooms & Buildings, Emerson UUC Strives for:
  1. Teachers fairly and consistently use verbal and visual cues and time out breaks as appropriate to keep the classes moving cooperatively and constructively on their paths of learning.
  2. In case of fire drill or emergency, all students and teachers walk quietly and quickly to their designated evacuation area. All parents will meet their children there.
  3. It is unsafe for anyone to sit or climb on the wall or to run or behave boisterously in the Sanctuary, hallways, steps, parking lot or Fellowship Hall.
  4. Parents are responsible for supervising their child's behavior. All congregants are responsible for following and enforcing safety rules.
  5. Children sometimes make a joyful noise when it is least expected. We welcome this opportunity to model acceptance of them as they are, belief in their ability to learn how to be together, and kindness to harried parents.