Religious Education

Sunday Schedule for Families, Children and Youth

From August to May, service begins at 9:45 in the Santuary.  A Coffee & Fellowship "hour" runs from 10:45 - 11:15 in Fellowship Hall.  And Religious Education for Children and Youth as well as Adult Religious Exploration is from 11:15 - 12:15.


  Time Programs Room Location


9:45am - 10:45am

Worship Service 


Newborns through preK

Childcare is provided from 9:35am-10:55am for children (infants through preK) whose parents are attending the worship service. Children may remain in the Nursery after 10:55am if their parents are attending Adult Religious Exploration. 




K-12th graders 

Youth in Kindergarten through 12th grade go to Sanctuary for worship service with families. Following the "Story for All Ages," Kindergarten and 1st grade youth are escorted by the Director of RE (Beth Kline) to "Playtime" which takes place either indoors in a room adjacent to the Nursery or outdoors on the playground. Following the worship service and Coffee/Fellowship "hour," Playtime children are escorted to their Religious Education classes.




Religious Education Classes for Youth




Childcare for newborns through non-potty trained young 3 y.o. whose parents are attending Adult Religious Exploration.




Chalice Sparks (3 and 4 y.o.)




Chalice Kids (K – 1st grade)




Seekers (2nd–5th Grades)




Junior Youth (6th–8th Grades)




Senior Youth 9th–12th Grade



Religious Exploration Classes for Adults